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We understand families have busy schedules with kids’ school and activities, daycare, and hectic work schedules. We offer comprehensive dental care for the entire family. Dental needs vary for each individual, especially when it comes to age. Children with developing primary teeth require a different approach to their dental needs than a teenager getting their permanent teeth. Adults in the prime of their health will differ in their dental treatment than older adults with medical conditions and medications to be considered. However, all patients deserve healthy teeth, gums, and oral tissues, as well as a family dentist who understands their unique needs.

We are conveniently located, offer most procedures, and family block appointments. Adults and kids will enjoy our relaxed and fun environment; we offer a teen game room, a children’s play area and ceiling-mounted TVs in each room. Whether you’re interested in changing your whole smile or whitening your teeth, give us a call. You’ll want to bring in your whole family!

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