Night Guards

If you’re experiencing chronic headaches and migraines from clenching your teeth involuntarily while sleeping, let A Better Smile help you with a night guard. A night guard is a thin, transparent device that is worn over the biting surface of your teeth while you sleep (or during the day throughout periods of high stress) to prevent grinding between the upper and lower teeth.

The Night Guard Fitting Process
  • • Impressions are taken of your upper and lower teeth to confirm an accurate fit
  • • Using your impressions as a mold, the night guard is crafted out of strong, durable plastic
  • • When the guard is finished, it is properly fitted to your mouth
  • • Simply wear the guard while you sleep every night
Benefits of a Night Guard
  • • Prevents migraine pain
  • • Prevents tension-type headache pain
  • • Can help prevent jaw disorders by relieving pressure
  • • Prevents teeth grinding and the development of TMD (temporomandibular disorder)

Don’t live with painful migraines and headaches. Contact A Better Smile at 918-245-5800 and learn how a night guard can help you.

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